Increasing Our Owners’ Capabilities and Competitiveness
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    United Suppliers Canada®

    Our Mission: To be the Distributor of Choice While Providing Resources to Increasing Our Owners’ Capabilities and Competitiveness.

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  • USC Scholarship

    United Suppliers Canada and our Owners are excited to offer three scholarship opportunities worth $2000 each to three post secondary agriculture students attending a university or college agriculture program.

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  • Core Values

    We behave with a high level of accountability, responsiveness, and collaboration. We will succeed by delivering a meaningful ownership model and sharing our profit, by assisting our Owners’ with farm gate influence, by increasing our Owners’ ability to source products competitively, and by challenging our Owners and employees to continuously learn and improve.

  • Providing growers, through their trusted ag retailers, with customized efficiency tools, products, and conservation practices to increase yield and reduce nutrient loss while protecting natural resources.

  • We believe that the key to helping Western Canadian farmers achieve higher yields and profitability comes from ensuring our Owners' teams have the highest level knowledge and expertise in the industry. The Academy offers the highest level of agronomic education, training, and professional development for Owners' employees.

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  • Total Acre is our field trial initiative. In order to help farmers continue to push the limits, we need to work with them to validate the products and technologies that will help them achieve their production and profitability goals under local field conditions.

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Our Mission: To be the Distributor of choice while providing resources to increasing our Owners’ capabilities and competitiveness.

Crop Nutrients Business Unit is focused on offering support and customized solutions to Owners, allowing them to be the leader in their local market.

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CROP Protection & Seed

Crop Protection & Seed business delivers on the traditional cornerstone of distribution excellence through supply, price, and operational dependability.

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Business Resources

Business Resources is comprised of professional consultants focused on developing customized solutions to increase the capabilities of our Owners.

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United Suppliers is a unique, retail-owned wholesale supplier of crop protection inputs, seed, and crop nutrients, with headquarters in Eldora and Ames, Iowa. Founded in 1963, United Suppliers today is comprised of 560 agricultural dealers (Owners) that operate nearly 2,500 retail locations throughout the United States and Western Canada.

The mission of United Suppliers is to be the supplier of choice while increasing Owners’ capabilities and competitiveness. To meet this goal, United Suppliers strives to provide Owners with transparent market intelligence, innovative products, reliable market access, and customized business solutions.